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Weapons Of Mass Deception – BE The Media


We The People MUST take back our power – peace, justice, truth for all. In order to do this, as activists – we must BE the Media in all forms available. Become that walking billboard – defy the power of the oppressive main stream media and help expose the deception.

FCC Net Neutrality is a Regulatory ‘Trojan Horse,’ EFF Says

Lawless, tyrannical FCC refuses to appear before Congress; “We make up our own laws!”

The truth of ‘net neutrality’ and Obama’s Internet takeover

It’s Spreading: New York Times Calls For Cheney And Bush Officials To Be Indicted For Torture

9/11 TRUTH: Jewish Ex-Marine SPEAKS OUT on Israeli Involvement (MUST WATCH)

Israel did 9 11 – All the Proof in the World

Israel did 9 11 – All the Proof in the World