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I am a spiritual warrior, Master Healer, writer, workshop/retreat facilitator, visionary co-creator of a better world.  Here’s a link to my bio

Since 2000, I’ve been sending a newsletter to a growing email list.  In 2010, I joined Facebook to connect with family and classmates.  But I also created a second FB account for the alternative news, metaphysical family and activism connections.

Then I created a Twitter account. My first tweet was during the early stages of Arab Spring – with the Cairo revolution.

At the end of December, 2013 – I created this blog, – which also posts to Twitter and allows the former email recipients to either check for posts periodically or to subscribe for receiving an email after each post.

I receive dozens of email newsletters from activists and light workers all over the world and pick the best of what I receive and find on my FB pages – to this blog.

The topics vary from humorous and heartwarming to whistle blower and passionate activism.

Thanks for checking in.  I do hope you enjoy and benefit from the posts.

Some of my other websites:

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  1. DeeAnna Leader said:

    Very interesting!! Love the ease of getting to the information. I was not certain about how to subscribe to your news.

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