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Wow Every Baby Should be Taught … This is a MUST SHARE

KEVIN ANNETT: Child Kidnapping and Murder by the Church and State

EVERY Mom Must See!

Growing up, my Mother would say each and every one of these things to me ALL the time. Now that I have kids of my own, I’m SO guilty of repeating these phrases.

Moms– how many of these phrases have you said this week alone?! I can not stop laughing! If you’re tired of repeating yourself, this is something great to play for your kids. I guarantee they’ll listen up now. Please SHARE this with all the mothers out there that you know. Every mom will get a kick out of this!

9-Year-Old Musician Plays And Sings “Blue Yodel No. 6” At The Sweetwater, Tennessee Flea Market.

A Mother Teaches Her Baby Boy To Say “Happy”

The Murdering of Our Daughters

“I just wish someone had warned me about Gardasil……. My Jasmine would still be here with us.”

Rhonda Renata

gardasil victims2

According to the mother of Jasmine Renata, aged 18, her daughter was murdered by Merck. There was no autopsy, no official recrimination of Merck, just a grieving mother left to bury her only daughter.

Unfortunately, this scenario is being played out time and time again and nobody is holding Merck criminally accountable for the all-to-deadly results of Gardasil. The reckless use of this killer vaccine continues unabated despite the fact that Merck was recently ordered to pay six million dollars to another parent of a daughter that was murdered by Gardasil. Patient safety be damned.

US vaccine court pays $6 million to Gardasil victims, most claims not yet settled

Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Reveal 200 Claims Filed with HHS for HPV Vaccine Injuries and Deaths, 49 Compensated

Young Pianist – Amazing!

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