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90% Of Prescriptions Exposed As A Scam, Massive Corruption Uncovered Between Doctors & Big Pharma

A massive corruption ring of unprecedented proportions has been uncovered between doctors and the pharmaceutical industry.  The Senate Finance Committee has discovered a massive network of collusion between countless doctors across America and around the world being paid billions of dollars in bribes by pharmaceutical giants to write prescriptions for drugs which are illegal under FDA guidelines.  The tip of the iceberg began to emerge when it was learned that some doctors have been diagnosing children as young as two-years-old with bipolar disorder and treating them with a cocktail of powerful drugs which are illegal under federal law to prescribe to anyone under the age of 10.

The SFC has exposed the enormous “prescription corruption” ring in nearly every branch of medicine, from psychiatry to cardiology, and beyond.  Doctors are paid hundreds of thousands, often millions of dollars each, by the pharmaceutical giants in the form of cash, paid “speaking engagements”, lavish gifts, trips, and much more — all in exchange for a vast bounty of kickbacks in the form of prescriptions which add billions of dollars to the bottom lines of the big pharma corporations each year, as well as significant stock price increases.

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Last Chance Corral – LCC Nurse Mare Foal Intake

These are nurse mare foals. They were only bred so that their mothers would produce milk. Once they are born, they are separated and their mothers are leased out to nurse “more valuable” foals. The nurse mare foals are considered a byproduct and are disposed of. The Last Chance Corral rescues as many as possible each year (150-200), stabilizes them, and places them in loving homes. These are NOT Premarin foals. Premarin foals have the distinct advantage of having 100 days with their mother. Nurse mare foals are much younger when separated. There is a foal in this video that is only 16 hours old.

If you are interested in adoption, or for more information, please visit or find us on Facebook!