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Proof That Consciousness Changes Molecular Structure Of Water

Reikigong™ Workshop ~ Life Giving Life Changing




Two day Reikigong* ENERGY HEALING workshop

JoyRae Freeman ~ Master Healer, QiGong Master Instructor, Reiki Master Instructor

Saturday & Sunday
May 6 & 7, 2017 ~ Eugene, OR
10:00 am – 4:00 pm

*REIKIGONG ™  Medical QiGong & Reiki

~LEARN Medical QiGong

~REIKI I, II & III attunements

~EARN 12 CEU credits (Massage Practitioners)

~The BEST Medical Insurance

Only $350.00 ~ 2/$500 MUST PRE-REGISTER/PAY by May 1
Register/Pay by April 24 for EARLY BIRD $50 discount

Lunch, QiGong, Reiki I, II & III Attunements, Certification & Handouts

P L E A S E – MUST Pre-Register – NO DROP INS (we must plan room logistics, lunch, handouts and certificates) JoyRae Freeman

This class qualifies for 12 CEU credits (Massage Practitioners)



• GIVE BACK TO YOURSELF – you give so much for others!
• ADD a modality – upgrade the benefits to your clients.
• Improve strength, balance, vitality, clarity, retard aging, eliminate pain
• The BEST personal medical insurance you can have


• Regenerates, strengthens, revitalizes 5 major organs
• Raises your CHI level
• Retards aging
• Reverses disease
• Enhances your ability to deliver healing energy to self & others

REIKI I, II, III Attunements

• These attunements are given after practicing Medical QiGong – when your CHI level has been raised – attunements are very powerful
• Maximize the effects of your massage and other existing modalities


• Protect your own well being and that of your loved ones
• Increase vitality, longevity, balance
• Become a healing practitioner

Imagine how much harmony and wellbeing we could create in our communities – if stress, pain, anxiety and blockages were prevented or removed AS they occur!


Michael Tellinger – Humanity’s Hidden Origins + The Power of Gold

Stress – Portrait Of A Killer

Cognitive mapping and how organic foods make you smarter

(NaturalNews) A cognitive map is a mental map, model or representation that helps code, store, recall and even decode information regarding attributes of everyday phenomena. This includes metaphorical spatial environment. These maps are also mental representations of physical locations, helping humans and animals find their way by recalling important features, like back-tracking your way out of a maze. They provide insight into worlds where humans have sensory deficits or physical handicaps — think of the blind navigating their way through familiar territory. Also, unimportant information is often excluded, so a cognitive map can be very different from an actual place.

Scientific Proof that Our DNA is Mutating

Archangel Gabriel’s Daily Message ~ Saturday June 28, 2014

If you have acted in a way you are regretting towards another, instead of berating yourself, you would be much better off to take it as a sign that you need be kind and gentle with yourself. Balanced human beings rarely act out in ways they regret. The fact that you were other than your normal, loving self is a sure sign that you have allowed yourself to become overwhelmed, fatigued, and out of your highest alignment. Berating yourself will only succeed in throwing you even further out of the space where you are your true, most loving and authentic self. Apologizing from the heart, realigning, and choosing to move forward in a way that most honours everyone, is a far better choice for all involved. ~Archangel Gabriel