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NASCAR Becomes Latest To Denounce Indiana Anti-Gay ‘Religious Freedom’ Law

For decades, NASCAR has been the refuge of the right, but today the sporting organization issued a strong statement condemning Indiana’s anti-gay law.


FCC Net Neutrality is a Regulatory ‘Trojan Horse,’ EFF Says

8 of the Most Clueless, Offensive Statements by America’s Out-of-Touch Rich People

February 27, 2014 

Five years after Wall Street wrecked the economy, the rich are doing better than ever: the Dow is at record highs, while the 1% control more of the country’s (and the world’s) wealth than ever before.

So why are the wealthy so cranky? The last couple months have seen a surge in CEOs, hedge fund managers and startup entrepreneurs whining about how tough they have it, while lecturing the working class about how they need to stop that very whining. According to the wealthy, they do all the work, earn all the money, and yet practically live like paupers.

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