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Modern Day Slavery


False Information Reported by Morton County

Israeli army confiscates solar panels from the house of a palestinian in Khan El-Ahmar bedouin village..

It’s Spreading: New York Times Calls For Cheney And Bush Officials To Be Indicted For Torture

Israeli Geography – 101

One of my favorite singer songwriters/activists – David Rovics new song regarding the theft of Palestinian land by Israel. The partial image map from 1948 to present – says it all.

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Dies As Police Arrest Him

Oklahoma police are accused of killing 44-year-old Luis Rodriguez in a movie theater parking lot after responding to a domestic disturbance call. Part of the incident was caught on camera.

American police now “Israeli-DHS trained,” precursor to dictatorship

Papal and Crown Officers Ordered to Stand Down by Court

Breaking ITCCS News, February 24-25, 2014: An Historic Legal Order commands all agents and officers of the Vatican and the Crown of England to stand down from their oaths of allegiance to those convicted criminal bodies. Issued by the Presiding Magistrates of The International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels. Also, protestors will confront Pope Francis and Queen Elizabeth in Rome on April 3, and common law sheriffs will enforce Citizen Arrest Warrants against both officials. See . Issued 6 pm GMT 24/02/2014 from Brussels.

Cops Execute Old Man In His Bed, Find No Drugs (VIDEO)

Read more at TLR: Cops Execute Old Man In His Bed, Find No Drugs (VIDEO)

Dairy Calf Cruelty Investigation