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Enemies of the Domestic Kind


WRAMFor years, Patriots have been training and preparing themselves for a war against unknown entities.

The time has come where its no longer some abstract concept that is threatening us but, a known adversary.

We at WRAM have tried to give you the best training material and information along with encouragement to aid in your survival and success in the days ahead by way of the contributions of our members in the blogs as well as their responses (when they chose to) along with the Resource Center.

We have also advocated for all of you to have your group(s) aligned with your local LEO as well as embedded within your community. For those still without a group (providing you have made yourself known within your community as to your stance) there is still hope. The ones you have spoken with in the past will remember who you are and be far more inclined to become a part of your self defense group if things get as bad as we suspect.

This is where you will grow your “tribe” from. In that light, we encourage you to go through the Resource Center again to bone up on the information and training materials you will be using in the days ahead. There is far more to it than combat.

The time now facing us is why we have advocated for so many years for you all to get your group as a part OF your community instead of apart FROM. Our ONLY mandate as Militia, is to protect and defend YOUR community. This means right where YOU LIVE. Things get really rough, you will need your community in order to survive as much as they need you. Not to worry compatriots, things get really bad the opposition will be coming to your hood as soon as they can. Not to worry as you wont miss out on anything or be overlooked. Remember, while your out running around saving the world in areas other than your own that your community is left wide open. Let that sink in…

There is a time and a place to take it to them…

Now for the real groaner…

You and your group are NOT the first line of defense of your community, county and State. At best we are the 5th line of defense.

The order of defense is as follows:

1. Your city LEO

2. Your county Sheriff

3. Your State Patrol (Police)

4. Your States National Guard

and lastly…

5. Your group

I strongly urge you all to read the comments to these blogs as there is a lot of good insight to be gleaned.

Our only duty and responsibility is to our Community, our County and our State in that order…